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    The truth about small-business banking

    For the past 11 years or so, I've been an owner of a small-business.  The business name and structure has changed over time.  The core goals and products have changed.  (Although, they've largely been in the technology sector)  But, at least for now, I'm in that < $200k/year in gross sales, and until recently, it's been well under $100k.

    This is a really challenging place to be, especially if your company is also your only source of personal income.  The fact is that even if a bank tells you it's small-business friendly, that's only true if you fit into that bank's description of a small-business.

    What's a banks definition of a small business?  I've asked a lot of bankers and they won't give me a straight answer.  But, my experience suggests it's all about average daily balance.  A bank really wants to see $10,000+ in your business account at all times.  If you can achieve this for several months if not years, not only will your banker be your best friend, but other banks will be falling over each other to get your business.

    The average daily balance thing makes a lot of sense too when you think about it.  A bank only earns income on the deposits in it's customer's accounts.  If the bank cannot make money off your business by leverging it's deposits, then it must make that up by charging the business fees to bank there.  Examples of this are statement fees, ATM fees, debit card fees, bounced check fees, and negative balance fees.

    In fact, since the government has started regulating what banks can charge consumers, a lot of instituitons have really ramped up small-business fees in those areas.  What if a small-business client gets fed up and switches banks?  This is actually viewed as a good thing.  The business isn't generating much revenue for the bank if any at all.  Most bank shareholders I've talked to agree that it's better to have mid to large-businesses, or consumers with long-term mortgages and "stuff" loans.  (Cars, boats, motorcycles, etc.)

    It makes perfect sense from a business standpoint for the bank.  However, the idea doesn't help the growth of a small-business sector.  Arguably, this could be the biggest area of new ideas and innovation in our economy, but we are making it harder and harder each year for small-businesses to grow.  My favorite saying is, "sometimes it's easier to get a whale to turn around in a bathtub than to get innovation and change out of a large corporation".

    Besides the bias against small-business deposit accounts on the banking side, there's the lack of opportunity for funding small-businesses and start-ups.  Again, this seems to come back to average daily balance, and also things like cash-flow and credit.  Small-businesses don't have credit, so it falls on their owner's personal guarantee.  If the owner's working on the business full-time, they have no fall-back, and banks get concerned.  If the owner has been at it for enough time, they've probably gone through struggles financially that have negatively affected their credit, and are therefore ineligable for loans.  From my experience, even with contracts of guaranteed income you cannot grow unless you have a mid to large-business already established, stellar credit, or a full-time job in addition to your business.

    What's the solution?  A rich uncle?  Actually, yes.  You have to rely on the 3 F's - Friends, Family, and Fools for small-business funding.  There are some options with higher-interest credit cards as well, but again, the owner must have great credit.

    Or, build a revenue stream yourself and pipeline that cash-flow into your business.  This is what I'm doing now through online revenue sources such as Empower Network, MOBE, etc.  There really are golden opportunities in online marketing that I've only started learning about in the past year or so.

    You wanna see your banker do a complete 360 on his confidence in you, show him a $20,000 commission deposit and I guarantee he'll take notice.  :)

    I'm here to help, and the purpose of this blog is to express ideas that you can take and use, as well as promote discussion.  Do you think I'm wrong?  Leave a comment.  Need help with a start-up?  Feel free to reach out in the comments and I'll get back to you directly.  My main expertise is in technology, but after 11 years and 4 start-ups, I'm also pretty confident in my business ability.

    I look forward to hearing from YOU.


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    How Dave Wood made $70 million in sales...blogging

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    I'm going to keep this short...

    ...tonight, I'm going to lay out a formula for creating wealth online ...blogging.

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    Love ya, and see you tonight.

    I got to get my whiteboard out, it's getting rusty...

    -David Wood
    "The Guru Slayer"

    * Getting ready to unleash the 'awesome'.

    -The EN Team



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    The absolute easiest way to build a sales funnel online

    The new Blog Beast has been here for a couple weeks now (for existing Empower Network users), and I have to say this is the easiest platform I've seen for setting up your blog and getting engagement.

    Right now, you can buy this platform and setup unlimited blogs for $25/mo, which I can tell you is a steal.  I create Wordpress sites for other businesses starting at $499.  Setup is easier than creating a Facebook account.

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    Look, I can tell you it's possible to create anywhere from a respectful 2nd income online to replacing your day job.  All from content you publish on your computer or mobile phone.  Because, I'm doing this myself.

    And, I want to help everyone make a little extra money for themselves.  What's the catch?  Well, with every business opportunity there's investment of both time and money.  I can help show you what to do, but it all starts with you committing $25/mo and about 1-2 hours per day for a better future.

    Take a look at this when you have a chance:

    Reach out to me if you have any questions.  My email is, and my Skype username is falljer.

    Definately, get in touch after you purchase the blogging system.  I want to help get you started as quickly as possible.


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    Video #4 live 3pm EST today!

    Hopefully, you've been keeping up on the blog beast videos at - today, the final video is released, and orders open to finally get the platform. I'm looking forward to helping where I can, along with the rest of our team, achieve the results you've always wanted in your business. Skype me anytime at 'falljer' with questions, or comment here. To your success! -Jeremy


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